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Poet Gregory Collins

A natural wordsmith few of his sort about
And of his worth as a poet there should never be doubt
Gregory Collins he is one of 'Poemhunters' best
His poems are destined for to survive time's test.

One can say of Gregory a poet of our time
At 36 he is in his writing prime
The poet's only drawback he puts himself down
Which well may become his barrier to renown.

I should know for I often too feel that way
And kind things of myself I do not have to say
There are plenty to knock us in the big World out there
And who cares about us if for ourselves we don't care.

Though lacking in self confidence or so it does seem
One can say that Gregory is a poet supreme
He is a huge asset to the Wordsmith trade
Like some do say poets are born not made.

by Francis Duggan

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