Poet To Poet

To you who read and review

“Iron sharpens iron
so one sharpens another”
Reading poems brings inspiration
unlike most any other.
Feeling…………. through seeing,
expressions of
love, hate, agony,
can kindle fresh and new,
many a memory.
Tapping into the vast reserve
of spirit and of soul,
To get thoughts on paper
flowing free,
is the poet’s goal.
More than fun, more than great,
is the satisfaction,
It’s the writing of the poetry,
and a reviewer’s good reaction.
Guarded remarks are best to be made
Lest the one baring be crushed at heart,
Better to encourage the soul’s promenade
instead of tearing them apart.
A poet’s sensitivity is really their glory
but, oh the pain it can be,
it is the gift to tell the story,
and write verses that others can “see”.
‘SENSITIVE’ is a sticking point
if a critique becomes too plain,
harsh words do more than disappoint,
but cause the poet to think, it’s in vain.
Otherwise, you’ll realize,
a review has touched a nerve,
when bitter anger spews forth on you
far more than you deserve.
So, Poet to Poet
I dedicate
all of this poem to you,
It is my thought to predicate
the wonderful works that you do.

September 18,2005

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Brilliant write here, Ginny, so true this one. We can be so easily knocked down, then it's hard to climb up again. Nice poem indeed. Love Ernestine XXX