Poetess At Heart

Poem By Hasmukh Amathalal

Poetess at heart-Liliana Christianasen
Saturday, September 12,2020
7: 22 AM

She is no ordinary woman
But caring soul for all human beigns
She is no ordinary woman
But caring soul for all human beigns
She cries in her isolation mood
And has always stood for the cause

She is not only quick in grasping
But very prompt in translating
Spanish is her favorite language
And manages well withteh sentiments

She is a great poetess
Who has lovley and smiling face
With indepth sense
Where and how to give response!

She has stubborn approach
And as such
Fights for every cause
And choses her own way

I have known her recently
But she has made an impression and dent
She is thorough loving woman and poetess at heart
And I would love to associate with her as permanent part

Dr Jadia Hasmukh

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