(August 4th,1926 / New York City)

Poetic Balance

Some poems I’ve written are nonsense-i-cal
But I’m not buffoonery smitten
I’ve written some most common sense-i-cal
Which are not as quite dimwit-ten

Poems comprised of only levity
Should be more inclusive
A muses’ work should never be
Thoughtfully exclusive

To write with just frivolity
Is like eating just desserts
Poems written with just jollity
Significance averts

This concept should be heeded
When putting pen to page
It’s balance that is needed
Ask any writing sage

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Comments (2)

Cute. I give this a dimwit-ten (10) . But, I also give it a -10, just to keep it balanced. Oh shoot, no negative numbers? Your lucky day. -chuck
i really enjoyed reading this great work