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Poetic Dreams
DJB (11-27-1961 / Oakland)

Poetic Dreams

Poem By Dalton J Brown II

What does the poet see, while producing poetic art? Thoughts and ideas expressed in words can touch the reader's heart. Great events and things of everyday life though sometimes, some are sad, perhaps in a poem, there may be found written words that can make one glad.

Poets play a skillful role, in teaching to express, the words imaginations speak, and feelings we supress. They're people with a common bond, to reach the hearts of all, they help us open up our minds, and how to take a fall. Poets live the lines they write and dream.

Each word that is written, comes from the heart of a poets dreams. After all a dream is pure mind. I as a poet believe we, in dreams, are in a more open minded state that allows us to be more receptive to new and even abstract ideas.

The poet decided what can be seen in words profound and true, and we are glad to have read the words that through time are always true. The poem you read, in that one special card one line in that poem, you felt so hard. So, as a poet of today, and those who've not been heard, I'm passing on this simple line, 'a poem's worth every word! '

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