IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Poetic Justic Story Poem For Doc Wilde

She had prepared a special dish
a bowl of marinated fish.
And left it for me with a note
This is an exact direct quote.

“ I do hope you enjoy your meal
it’s meant to show you how I feel.
I did not find it to my taste
but would not let it go to waste

I fed it to her favourite cat
I’m very glad now I did that.
The cat wolfed it all down greedily
and then expired speedily.

Her wicked plan had gone awry
Her intention was that I should die
She loved that cat much more than me
I should have died unpleasantly

Now she no longer lives with me
she’s in the penitentiary.
She will be there for quite some time.
Attempted murder is a crime.

I sued and obtained a divorce
.I got the property of course,
the house and everything she owned
Such wickedness can’t be condoned.

I’m free not only that but rich.
She was a spoilt but wealthy bitch.
Her plan backfired drastically
For which I give thanks gratefully

I live alone quite happily
The other guys all envy me
they have to pay alimony
but I got rid of her scott free.


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Comments (4)

wonderful write for our Doc Wilde
One darn good and fun poem you have written Ivor! Doc i'm sure will love it! ! *10plus*! ! Best Regards , Friend Thad
Fun poem with a twist of irony! HG: -) xx
I liked the story in the poem, not all care for someone is true love... it could be fatal! Very sad but wise moved to get rid of nuisance lovers! A 10.