JB (18/03/1954 / burnley)

Poetic Justice(For All The Ladies Who Have Discovered There Men On Web Sites Looking For? ? ? ! !)

how many times do we sit and weep, about the things we would love to keep, the people we gave our bodies to, our hearts our souls, our love its true. oh life is hard, oh life is pain, never again will it be the same, for those who have suffered at the hands of a man, must learn to live with it best as they can............... fortunatly babe, im not one of those, i live my life full of compose, im kind and honest, faithful and true, far too good for someone like you. youve played with my health, and im really fit, and all because you fancied a bit, with slappers and tarts, and fat ugly whores, couples and three somes and more than fours. put my life in danger without a thought, then deny it all, but you have been caught. dont flatter yourself than im jealous or mad, in fact ive just realised, your rather sad. The point i am making get through your thick brain, its MY LIFE you played with, not me whoes insane, your lies and deceit will trip you one day, but until then its my turn to play. you couldnt be bothered to explain to me, in person with truth, so now you will see. how it feels to be hurt, embarrased, betrayed, and what its like to be really played. you can hunt on the sex sites every hour god sends, but you will never be sure just who are your friends.i will not allow you to do it again, will not see nice ladies go through such pain. Ive made up a profile, its easy to do, also posted a warning, telling all about you, the muck now comes back to you thousandfold, and all because of the lies that you told. Your porn site details will be in the post, to all the people you care for the most, its your own fault for advertising yourself no diguise, with details and picture, now that wasnt wise... and if it just makes you think? then my job is well done, dont make others suffer. cause you think its fun. people have rights, you cant take them away, but you took all of mine, now its your turn to pay. you think that i would just let it pass by, when you wouldnt even tell me why? pay the ultimate price and live a life alone, one man and his dog... the occasional bone. i presume you have got the gist of my poem? so long adios.. wish could say it was nice knowing.........

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