RS (29/07/1970 / Sheffield)

Poetic Justices

Powerful judges wear powdery white wigs
Overlords of authority snap their fingers like dry twigs
Experts on the law they know whats right from wrong
The panel on the X Factor give their verdict on an awful song
In the courtroom its all stuffy and very overbearing
Clowning around in silly gowns that they are wearing

Jurors are sworn in and proceedings then begin
Utmost secrecy is expected or the trial is thrown in the bin
Sequins on a costume are not enough, on strictly its the moves
Ten points from Len is what they strive for, getting into their grooves
Interviews can turn from success to failure in a heartbeat
Careers in sport are ended when convicted of being a drugs cheat
Evidence is gathered and deliberated on for days
So to sum up to stay out of trouble, you've got to change your ways

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