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Poetic Libations
SM (nov.20.1990 / hospital)

Poetic Libations

when you hear the word
tell me what you think
i call this poetic libations
cause when i pour my words out
you drink
with eyes
i tell no lies, no masqurades, no phonies,
no fakes
and if your not immune to the truth
then you betta hope you got a cure
for the truth that i'll infect in you

man the flow if my poetry is soh
smooth people think im
so flow with me as i
quince your thrist
my words'll have you thinkin soh hardya mind'll burst
and no this shit aint rehersed
nor is it made up
im a n0n-ficti0n type a chick
soh im comin at you stright up

i play my enemies like a game of
not a game new under the sun
but i plan to play em'
then the ones before me
thats why the girls hate and the boys
adore me

im neva lonley
cause my philosophies
keep me company
and my intelligence makes ignorence
run from me
it's the kid black diamond
and im just 16
im tryna stay
stress free
so i vent threw poetry
to keep an occupation
then i turn my poetry into
poetic libations.......
and no i aint done yet

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