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'Poetic Ramblings'

The heart that should have shattered
I cannot seem to find
The words I had rehearsed
Keep flowing through my mind

This smile here is genuine
This love of mine though-
Dont worry; Ill be just fine
When I figure out where to go

Im drowning in the oxygen
The excess is too much for me
I already went there and back again
What happened to my grip on reality?

Letters there
Make more than a word
It’s Emotion
Here in ink
Just how
Are we supposed to


I seem to have misplaced my heart
I don’t recall how I should feel
I notice now we drifted apart
Please tell me so I know its real

This nonsense from my fingers
Oddly fits inside my head
Its twilight there that lingers
Angelic demons that must be fed

Hollow, a gap in my being
So scarlet! What’s love?
Where are these angles singing?
Have they risen from above?

If you say you have the solution
I will tell you you're insane
Because this? Its just pollution
Burning thru my brain.

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haha, i love the ending Eli! great read, entertaining. i like your lyrical style. ive only read two of yours but i hope you'll be putting more up. loveSus.