Poem Hunter
BD (August 1,1979 / Biloxi, MS)


I love poetry
I speak, write, read
I eat, sleep, breath
I shit, stink, need
it gets me through the day
it's the way
seeing a young brother
give a sista love
puts a smile on my face
or watching little kids
in my neighborhood play
without worrying about
their color, creed, religion, or race

I love poetry
I love poetry
like a mother loves a son
like the way my wound too tight heart strings
come undone
when you walk into the room
hips, keeping the beat
steadily rockin' life's rhythm

I love it like each new day
when I can look upon the world
and see the beauty we create
but I don't forget the sorrow

and we're gonna fix it
if not today,
then for sure change comes tomorrow

I love poetry like Neruda loves women
like Ginsburg loves wine
and I never miss a chance to
sneak a kiss, take a sip
cuz it's these that make our existence
so divine
and align the planets
bringing us all together
in a perfect line
so there are no obstacles
in the path of our vision

and our vision is poetry
folklore passed on
from ancient tongues
to the pens of our children
composing prose
to commune with the gods
through written songs
raining down word
into my wide open mouth
which I in turn spit out
across the diaphragm of a microphone
and I know I'm not alone
because I am poetry

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Welcome, Bradley. Beautiful, truthful, faithful.