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Poetry (2016)
MS M.W. Styner (08/22/1991 / Houston)

Poetry (2016)

Within her eyes I saw my future.
Within her words I felt my present.
Within her tears I felt my past.
Within her hands held my birth-stone.
Within her thoughts were only dreams transforming my reality.
If you listen closely,
Within her lungs was a mic waiting to be held to speak the truth.
Within her soul wrote lyrics that touch the people.
Her bloodstream symbolize different path of stings.
Each sting was created to complete the puzzle to my world.
With each breath she takes brought light to dark corners of the highway.
With each step she took her walk brought freedom.
When she rest, time stops.
Within her imagination were unity to the nation.
Within her heart I found my destination. By: Milton Styner Jr.

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