FK (28 August / St. Thomas University Hospital)


poetry and poems i feel
give us an opportunity
to not only express ourselves
but also discover the good within
to project the image of a hope
that is tangible and possible....
giving readers the opportunity
to grasp that and to move forward...
if deep does call unto deep, then
a connection will somehow have been made....
all from bad will have been changed...
it begins with us from the inside out


by Frederick Kesner

Comments (3)

So true and well said Frederick. Poetry is a langauage that rises above the simple meaning of the words intoned on the page. A well written poem is almost a religious experience, felt in the soul as well as the mind.10
Yes! Why didn't I say that. Prose can do it too but differently. I was just chatting to a young woman who had a row with her lover. She sent him a poem and he was won. The poem said it for her succinctly with heartfelt authority. She could have done it with a letter but the poem was better.
Great way to look at it Frederick. Very nice. Sincerely, Mary