I keep on asking myself every day
Why do I
Feel this urging need every day?
Why do I
Have on the piano of words to play?
Why do I
Have something new to say?
The answer usually comes
Right away
Writings are more than anything
Here to stay
Once your temporal body will
Pass away
Writing is the only emissary
That may
Convey what your lips ‘n tongue
Never say,
Illuminate in the dark
Your way,
Ease your heart's pain
As they sway
And unveil your soul to you
Before you pass away.

by Houda Boukassoula

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The aim and objective of a poem have been nicely delineated. Poetry reflects the life and thought. Beautiful poem.
This is Amazing! And Dazzlingly correct! Answers many questions, beautifully, poetically and fully.
Again I have come to read it, Writings are more than anything Here to stay, ............................. and that is the fact why writers write on, greatly penned, congrats, + 10
We all have the urge to write, or we wouldn't be on this site, Well done, Houda. Congrats on poem of the day!
Keep writing, Houda. There is no right or wrong..
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