Poem By Mystykka Mysterious

Why is poetry so boring?
Everytime I read it,
It leaves me snoring,
Why is poetry so boring?

Some thing it's the art,
But it's an art how?
Poetry comes from the heart,
No wonder boys frown.

Some this it's the words,
With their displeasure,
They are like sour milk curds,
Which are too big to measure.

Poetry is boring,
Everytime I read it,
It leaves me snoring,
That's why poetry is boring.

Comments about Poetry

Good poem Alexandra, Kylie Guja has a good point and is probably the best answer to the question in your poem. But, the reason there is so much poems about things we can see is because people usually overlook them. So poets feel like they should bring them up. Great write Alexandra. Claude Davis III

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