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Poem By Barbara Haskell

People write poetry for diverse reasons,
as in poems that describe the yearly seasons.
Poems can show the love for mother and father
and vent feelings against the boyfriend of your grandaughter.
You can express feelings of a day at the beach,
nothing is out of poetry's reach.
Beautiful poetry can make your heart soar
and bring alive days of yore.
It can make kings of old come alive
or make you sad enough to cry.
Poetry can describe angel's performing a celestial dance
or some other circumstance.
Words can help a relationship to mend
and they can also cause them to end.
In the past, I have written a poem describing an ice cream cone
and I have expressed feelings of being alone.
Poetry will always be a part of my life,
writing of the good and writing of the strife.

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Comments (4)

This is really good Mrs. Barbara poetry is the description and perspective. Poetry can give the expression with a sentiment. When you are in love or profoundly emotionally sorrow the words will flow and give a sense of feeling.
BARBARA, This is a good poem, I really liked it! New Delhi 09 Oct 07
I did realy love this, Barbara..enjoy reading it..thanks for this sharing.. hugs, Meggie
You must love the reading and the writing of poetry as much as I do! Nice work! Yen