what is poetry anymore/is it this? /
a parade of words/blank ants
crawling across the page/in
a series of condensed/paragraphs.

where i can read/with ease
yet wonderment/at the dreary
ludicrousness/of the universe
i can marvel/i can dream

what does it do/ it intoxicates
me/and stuns me/ with its sweet words
and leaves me/ breathless/
in a mist of white cold.

poetry/so beautiful/

and so useless/

the more i start to think/

the less i start to understand.

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Poetry's usefulness is fully dependent on the reader and their individual reaction to it. I'd say there's 'use' in yours... great write! Brian
A piece about the analysis about poetry and its place in our world - in my opinion, poetry is like a little indigent café you see next to a neo-techno corporation block in a big, bustling metropolitan. It is not necessarily needed but it helps run life better when people get sick of the ordinary world. It is hardly seen but it is there. A wonderful piece. - K.
True indeed. Poetry doesn't always need to be understood. You just need to let it wash over you, engulf you, and leave you breathless in words and mists of white cold.
Thank you for this and thank the lord for poetry. I couldn't live without it now. I really enjoyed your dive into what makes poetry. 10 from Tai, wishing you a happy St Patrick's Day
hello, ballerina. i'm not sure if it's leonard cohen or someone else who wrote: poetry is just the evidence of life if your life is burning well poetry is just the ash. i like your poem and the message/philosophy it conveys. your choice of words glides smoothly from line to line, thought-provoking, perfect. even your name is poetic, ballerina with fins! have a blessed day. sincerely, merc
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