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Poetry Can Damage Your Health
JTE (17/04/51 / Edinburgh)

Poetry Can Damage Your Health

The day my doctor died of smoking
I bought myself a fat cigar -
I realised he must be joking,
His funeral was so bizarre:

A dwarf in multi-coloured clothing
Sang louder than the parish choir
And though my heart was full of loathing
I leapt upon the funeral pyre.

I'd often longed for such a roasting
And knew it was my friend's desire,
I shouted out 'We'll all be toasting
In Hell's incandescent fire! '

Don't be discouraged by this story,
Smoking cigarettes is fine,
Inhale them on your days of glory
And drink your fill of rich, red wine! !

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Comments (11)

You have certainly shared with us an interesting write. Funerals can be an amazing celebration of ones life. Thank you
What an odd ditty. Never read its likeness before. You've offered something different, unique. It begs for more development, though. It's somewhat abbreviated, and I was wanting more of the story when it ended.
What a BAD message, really! !
Well done! A Great read!
And what is health? what is the relation between poetry and health? So far my knowledge goes Health is matter, poetry is spirit my dear. Both are interlinked. See poetry as symbol of love affection and all goodness Love poetry as poetry loves you. You are to take care of your health Poetry is there to take care of you. okay. please reply.
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