Culture Of India

India has its culture
Displayed in customs & traditions
India is known for it's unique
Festivals & celebrations

India has its specialized Arts
From Taj Mahal at Agra
And India Gate at India's Heart

The Beauty of Indian Culture
Whether Folk or Tribal Art
Even the wall paintings & Sculpture
Has its own learning Embarked

An Expression of culture
In its dignified dance
And its melodious music
You should listen; if you get a chance

The Clothing in India
Differs with its geographical base
Every ornament with its traditional wear
Has its own amazing grace

India has its unity
Whenever there's a need
Sharing at times of crises
It's a value sown indeed

by Ryson D'souza

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Comments (7)

Chuck, leave the free verse for your reincarnation. Until then, keep those (un) common rhymes coming! ! Brian
AS IF, Chuck...! Give free verse a whirl sometime and see what happens. In the meantime, we're eating up your unique offerings. Thanks for the smile! Est : ]
LOL and I did! ! Now I understand poetry hell! ! Great write. Still smiling :) Justine
Cute, funny and no your not to blame for the poetry hell. (lol) Patricia
Aww Chuck, the only hell would be not having your work to brighten up my day. Hugs Anna xxx
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