Poetry Hell

as far as i can tell
there's no thing as heaven or hell
excepting maybe here on earth
where some are given it by birth
Yet where I'm at, I spend my time
writing simple verse with common rhymes
But I shouldn't complain my purgatory
makes for such a boring story
'cause in YOUR hell, I torment
with all the awful poems I've sent!

by Chuck Audette

Comments (7)

Chuck, leave the free verse for your reincarnation. Until then, keep those (un) common rhymes coming! ! Brian
AS IF, Chuck...! Give free verse a whirl sometime and see what happens. In the meantime, we're eating up your unique offerings. Thanks for the smile! Est : ]
LOL and I did! ! Now I understand poetry hell! ! Great write. Still smiling :) Justine
Cute, funny and no your not to blame for the poetry hell. (lol) Patricia
Aww Chuck, the only hell would be not having your work to brighten up my day. Hugs Anna xxx
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