RS (29/07/1970 / Sheffield)

Poetry In Motion

Prose, limericks and acrostics appear by magic on the page
Overtures and symphonies dance like ballerinas on a stage
Emotive words and phrases stain the paper at the stroke of my pen
Trains of thought clatter round my head while I quietly watch a wren
Robins of breast red sing a cheerful song
You and I together so in love, nothing can go wrong

Ideas and inspiration can come from anything
Nations once divided come together for a European sing

Music and emotion dance a tango in perfect rhythm and step
Others like to rock like Meatloaf and Led Zep
Talent and improvements can take a while to grow
Imagination is the key, go on give the dice a throw
Once bitten by the bug you find it hard to stop
Never give up if you get writers block, very soon you will be cream of the crop

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