IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Poetry In Motion For Friend Thad

A connoisseur of derrieres.
I’ve studied ladies rears for years.
I love to watch the liquid flow
of haunches moving to and fro
When clad in well cut denim jeans,
they can enhance the dullest scenes
But better still I must confess
beneath a simple cotton dress.
I am convinced the ladies know
that many men enjoy the view
and do their very best to show
they don’t object but pretend to.
I find that Gluteus Maximi
Are very easy on the eye.


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Comments (2)

Thank U Ivor! I am not a connoisseur, i am just an average viewer! (Butt) if a shapely one should pass me by, this for sure will catch my eye! ! ! Best regards, Friend Thad *10*! ! !
I loved this Ivor, men of course love bottoms, and I'm sure Thad will enjoy reading this great poem too, Best wishes Lynda xx