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Poem By Wilfred Owen

Poetry in the internet age
Has made poetry cheaper as well as vaster,
Commonly and uncommonly,
Where is merit,
It is difficult to sort it out,
Where the hidden talent,
Everything not on vote
And statistics,
The reader will read
And it will get counted?

Where the manuscript,
Where the writers trying to save it
After keeping it locked
In the tin box,
Fearing the intellectual theft
And the copyright,
The affidavit to be done
After visiting the notary
Who but stamping and initialing
And taking the charge,
Reading it not,
Nor caring for the testament of poetry?

Now with the change in time
The novice writers care not
For the press to publish
Or the money to spend over,
They just keep posting,
Uploading and downloading
If pages are not in stock,
Just uploading,
Posting on the sites,
To the poetry webs,
Making name and fame
With nothing to show
Or hesitate,
Just post on,
Post on shamelessly
Readable or unreadable poems?

The poet may not remember
His poem,
But the computer keeps track of,
I mean the website,
The poet may not have money
In his pocket
To download so many pages
Of his own poetry,
But has to go on purchasing
The recharge vouchers or packs,
I mean the net packs
Or the connections
From to be snapped
And stripped off onward
While uploading or posting poems.

Without the secretary
To maintain and manage
Or the steno to take note of,
Whatever it comes in his mind,
He keeps sending as signals,
Impressions to be noted,
Pressing the buttons of the keyboard whimsically,
Sometimes using the touch screen,
Posting and uploading the poems
On the websites instantly,
The instantly written poems
Which the manual press could have rejected outright,
Could have thrown off from accepting
Without the manuscript or the master copy.

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