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Poetry Is...

Poetry is to every individual as seasons are to the earth
As humanity and life itself it evolves
Grows and adapts to new dialect
Forms with new intellect
Put everything in retrospect

Poetry flows through the mind
It caresses the body thoughts unseen
Thoughts materialize into fluid motion
Words unspoken dreams given birth
Allows the soul to breathe through the eyes not on the face
But portals and windows to our psyche
It isn’t what we project to the world
But who we were born to be

Shaping and maturing into an invisible feeling
An emotion indescribable
A word indefinable
Unless those who choose to make a definition
Set it in stone from what they know
It is expression for everyone
And anyone who feels that yearning
Human nature gives for the need to be loved
To be understood
A deep and urgent yearning to give yourself to someone
Saying please comprehend me

It allows the blind man to see
The deaf to hear
The hurt to feel and be healed
And the lost to be found

It is written music
It is a spoken book
It is flawed and yet remains over time flawless
It can hurt and hate
But it can love and live
It goes beyond all thought of perfection
It can express every inflection

Living in an illusion
Imagination not kept in the physical
But mental emotional and spiritual as well
It can be taken and made fragile and frail
To overcome and become strength and survival
Poetry is made and interpreted by all….

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