Poetry Is A Solitary Art

Poetry is a solitary art
But beautiful words come alive
While we write.

As we go on penning
Lovely words smile and sing
Laugh and dance
Right before our very eyes
They touch our hearts
Fill up our dreary senses
Tingle our minds
And make life
Full of love.

Copyright 2018, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

by Rose Marie Juan Austin

Comments (94)

Maganda ang isinulat, gusto ko ito.
Very impressive poem...joyous!
your poem reminds us Wordsworth's poem The Daffodils where he says his mind dances with the daffodils in the solitary moment or mournfully lying in the bed and like him the words of your poem flash as alive. nice poem with simple diction.
You have written this so beautifully.
Yes, it is solitary but for the masses. Good poem.
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