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What Are Fathers Made Of?

Little boys are made of snails and puppy dog tails
But fathers are made of concern and love
Ready to give aid when the going is rough
Or be a throwing partner with a baseball and glove.

Fathers are made of compassion too
Shown in a different way from Mom’s pure heart
She is emotional and may cry a lot
Dad just listens with wisdom to impart.

Yes, wisdom that comes from ages ago
Lived through his father and generations before
Stories he relates are sure to fix what ails
Pulling the right story from his wisdom in store.

Fathers are strong to stand in defense of family
With God, strength imparted to withstand the fight
Likened to a mighty ship with God at the helm
Strife is overcome and at the end, there is light.

“Daddy’s little girl” is sugar and spice to small ears
Special to Dad in tomboyish pranks, frills or lace
Feminine wiles displayed to win over Daddy’s heart
Tilting her head with clown-like expressions on her face.

Fathers are the light of our lives
Along with God, shining the way in the darkest of nights
Helping to ready a small life who, too, will be called
To be a beacon of light to their own before flight.

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Inspiration is what dresses up imagination in finest of poetic outfit.language is its tool.
Imagination gives broad inspiration and that comes out from mind as poetry. Brilliant drafting is shared.10