' Poetry Is Life '

Poet is a poignant being
thrives with self internalizing
with intellect can communicate
expresses sentiments quite innate

Romance is a poet's gateway
depicts gist to every inspired essay
the lingering urge to inscribe obsession
instinctively drive a poet blazing passion

Talent is a poet's skill
enthuses his artistic will
indulge in prolific compositions
his candid sentimental imaginations
inspired to create magical masterpieces
of poetry that comfort the hearts with graces

by Marvin Brato Sr

Comments (5)

A compelling and creative composition about the heart and soul of poetry! Well done!
Yes, poetry is the way of life. Nice work.
Wonderful poem man, i realy enjoyed reading it..thanks for sharing.
poet, romance, talent--they are never separated they go hand in hand to come up with a poem that warms the heart very nice
amen to that, really nice piece good sir.