! 'Poetry Means...Uh...'

When I was very young,
was written by
AA Milne.
and life was comfy.

When I was an adolescent,
was written by
pansies for pansies about pansies.
though daffodils
were lifestyle and exam-inable.
and life was scary

When I was at college,
was written by
a chap in a leather jacket
who glared at you angrily
on his no-gear pushbike
as he rode out to save the world.
and life was a cold war and still scary.

When I was middle-aged,
was in the assured embrace
of the Arts Council and a chap at the BBC
and the world managed quite well without poets
but life was still scary.

I am old enough
to swop lifestyle notes with Jenny Joseph,
means that
a poem's 'text' may be
i h8 u
it's read right round the world
by lots of people. Like you.
and life is full of promise...

Now that deserves a Metaphor.

'A what? ' said Pooh.

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (6)

This is brilliant. Well done mate
good show here, Shep! how've you been old chum? Jake
makes me wonder what's next. Excellent poem.
WOW Michael. Now THATS what I call profound. So true. I love it Hugs Jan
Yes I had to stop there or else... Christopher Robin kicked a small twig. 'It's when you say that something is like.. something else. It's called Poetry.' Pooh had a Think, standing very still and breathing deeply. 'You mean' he said at last, 'like, teatime means a pot of hunny? ' 'something like that' said CR. 'I see..' said Pooh...
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