Poetry Never Fails You

Poem By Noel Taylor

Poetry never fails you or derails you.
It brings a smile on your face and make you go woo!
Poetic thoughts fed to the subconscious mind is so lovely and kind having this skill means you're not a fool.

Poetry never fails you and write it real simple and cool.

Poetry never fails you it heightens your awareness it makes you realize who you really are and see what your capable of what your really doing so you can get through.

Poetry never fails you with poetic words giving you good energies and no insanities so you wan't spiral out of control but instead you'll fit right through the loop.

Poetry never fails you and Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi is one of my favorite poets out there and he knows poetry through and through.

Poetry never fails you but instead it just uplifts your mood.

Poetry never fails you there is no right or wrong way of writing a poem everyone gets the benefit of their horizons expanding and their intellectual skills rising and this is so true.

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