Poetry Of The Night

Poem By John Paul Ang

The darkness creeps slowly,
upon the once bright scenery.
Shadows loom over the horizon,
as the sun sets into submission.

The trees sway on the grassy fields,
Pollens blown by the wind as it yields.
Blades of grass dances in celebration,
Left and right without caution.

Leaves soaks up the remnants of light
In preparation for the banquet tonight.
Amidst the funeral of the dying day,
Broken shadows happily play.

As the earth swallows the sun,
The evening star starts its run.
Across the wide nighttime sky,
Over the thick clouds up high.

My life starts with the night,
My world celebrates in its sight.
The irony of the world disappears,
Death to the stomach-crunching fear.

The moon keeps my soul company,
The stars shares their story with me.
Every twinkle that gleefully shines,
Are stories that time never reclines.

I am alive as long there is the night,
I am free as long as what i do is right.
I thrive in the darkness,
Hopeful and restless.

I pledge my allegiance to the night.

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