Children then parents to children
as cyclic as the fours seasons.
When vested the fifth on each child
is precedent-ed there such upon.

And but wherefore beings not taught
goes to and or away from the carousels.

When good teachers become afraid
of loosing their jobs.
When they see it as is so, 'it is them.

The shame of the blame, head hung low
from then on forever alone walking.

Verily thus is a child then becomes you, 'adults
and again is to you, when against you it is,
you represented once as a child, when you did.....

by James McLain

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He never minced his words.......
at high noon at a small college near the beach sober the sweat running down my arms a spot of sweat on the table I flatten it with my finger blood money blood money my god they must think I love this like the others but it's for bread and beer and rent blood money I'm tense lousy feel bad poor people I'm failing I'm failing a woman gets up walks out slams the door a dirty poem somebody told me not to read dirty poems here it's too late. my eyes can't see some lines I read it out- desperate trembling lousy they can't hear my voice and I say, I quit, that's it, I'm finished. and later in my room there's scotch and beer: the blood of a coward. this then will be my destiny: scrabbling for pennies in tiny dark halls reading poems I have long since beome tired of. and I used to think that men who drove buses or cleaned out latrines or murdered men in alleys were fools.
I love it- the new show down at the OK corral in a poetic universe.