Poetry Road

With 'midnight all a glimmer, noon a purple glow,
and evening full of the linnet's wings',
I love to walk 'long Poetry Road

Where first I met Tagore, by the jasmines,
'drunk with joy of singing'; and listened to Sara's
thoughts on 'a diamond of a morning'

'Tis true as Robert says, 'The beauty
that six or seven words can bring
together makes the whole brain sing'

Something inexplicably appealing 'bout
Gwen describing 'The Bean Eaters';
how Nikki praises the tastes of summer

I want to 'learn to read the love letters
sent by the wind and rain, the snow
and moon'; advice from Ikkyu

To touch Langston's cloud-cloth of blue; I love to
sing Li Po's 'Autumn River Song' and never
will I tire of hearing how Poetry found Pablo

Or Naomi's journey to Kindness; as the Pueblos
say 'hold on to life', poetry's path is
where the Earth Saint resides

Who I admire and return to visit
often as Walt Whitman 'look'd up
in perfect silence at the stars'

Nancy said 'strengthen the things that remain';
with poetic inspiration, I hope that we can be,
like Maya, phenomenal


by Kay Bressner

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great write in integrating works of those great poets....nice