Poetry Universe!

Poetry is the Universe, where all poets are the Stars shining as
Brilliant diamonds forever and ever till the end of Space and Time
Entertaining, inspiring, instructing, energizing all to aspire high to
Reach the heaven of Sky from the hell they are destined to suffer
Sans love, peace, joy, freedom and bliss due to hatred, extremism,
Terrorism, violence and wars ever in the names of race, religion,
Region, colour, class, caste, creed, etc. in the materialistic world
In the pursuit of power, position, possession, etc. due to greed,
Egoism, sadism, all isms sans an end not getting fulfilment,
Completion, satisfaction and perfection seeking a way out
To have a change of oneself and the world for the better
So as to be out of darkness, chaos anarchy, troubles and
Tribulation in an eternal state of joy, bliss, peace, freedom
In poems divine created by starring poets of world literature!

by Ramesh T A

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