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Poetry - Why Poetry?
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Poetry - Why Poetry?

Poem By William Henry Jones

Some have asked why I write poetry
the answer is personal and deep
When my mind is fraught with troubles
it records happy moments to keep.

All one needs is a piece of paper
and a pen for thoughts to compose
Encapsulating poetically
providing tranquillity in repose.

It is like going to confession
a rejuvenation of the soul
All documented for reference
should someone at sometime care to know.

One poetic raindrop is never heard
until raindrops become many
Like a collection of poems
spilling over the poetic jetty.

A poem written in solitude
often provides a resolution
For one's concerns, while in quietude
giving poetic absolution.

When I compose a happy poem
it is like a wisp of the wind
Giving momentary pleasure
but inspiration to try again.

Poetry for me is a catharsis
renewing my faith in God
A sort of map to show a better way
from troubled paths I may trod.

Others may have other reasons for poetry
that's why there is poetry of all kinds
All providing a peaceful interlude
but for me, reverie, when I have a troubled mind.

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