MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Poets Are Holy Hypocrites

poets are holy hypocrites;
it’s their blessing and their curse.

they sit for as long as it takes
like terriers at a foxhole

or for second-best practice,
at a rabbit-hole,

totally still, alert, all their powers
poured into attention;

what a lesson dogs
are for humans

then – a movement in
their consciousness; it could be

anything creative – a film, a poem;
and with it comes the sense

of wonder; they are as children
living in an eternal present

of the universe as gift;
they take up their pen or keyboard

and, so carefully, as they
would handle a new-born baby,

write down this spell for that it is
for the benefit of others quite unknown

and then like a christening shawl,
white, soft, handmade with love,

offer it to the world.
then some who believe its magic

read the spell, are reborn
or cured, or restored

to good health and humour
or simply have a good day

while those who don’t believe the spell,
well of course the magic doesn’t work for them

so far so very good. But then
those who aren’t into wanting spells

and have opinions about
their opinions, say, that word is wrong,

so it’s not a magic spell. it’s a bad spell,
in fact it’s not a spell at all

and others who also have opinions
about their opinions, say, that word is right,

so it’s a good and magic spell; and there they are,
all crowded round peering through their

dirty glasses, pushing and shoving and shouting
to get nearer the spell and have their say

and oh dear, there's the poet in there too
saying oh do you really think that

I'd better look at it again
and see if you might be right

and sad to say, some poets
begin to worry, about whether

the words of their spell are quite right
not trusting the magic, as if

it came from them and not from itself...
and the magic shrugs its shoulders

and says oh well and goes some place else
where it might be more appreciated

poets are holy hypocrites;
it’s their blessing and their curse

[with more than a little acknowledgement to the vision of Michael Leunig, cartoonist and Living National Treasure]

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Michael, you have a wonderful muse.
No Worries! ....Be Happy! ....Love from David