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Poets Are Losers
RVO (28 June 1970 / USA)

Poets Are Losers

Poem By Russ von Ohlhausen

The art of the word yields little fruit when it's first conceived;
It must take root and grow in passionate minds if ever to be received.
A craft much learned of sadness from this world we’re in,
As we suffer right along until our solemn end.

Heroes of a future day but rarely of our own.
Most to be remembered only by ink and bone.
Our souls fulfilled when our words echo from the page.
And so we are merely losers until another Age.


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Comments (2)

I disagree. My country has/have had successful Chief Ministers, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Scientists etc who were all Poets.
You are quite right. But it's a just price, I feel. If someone told me my bone would be known and my ink would glow after my sad demise, I'd be happy. The problem is no one tells me that. A very talented and shrewd write, Arel!