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Snap your fingers with flare from a willow-wisp wrist
Hold your hands high in the air feel the freedom breeze
Join me on this carpet ride as we leave ourselves behind
You can ride this tiger tapestry anytime you want
Hold loosely to enjoy each and every turn
Your spirit propels you and it is you as you are it
The real authentic genuine you unbound and flying high
Your bold confident broad and beaming smile fits you so
Welcome back from your journey of doubt and indecision
Step forth, breathe deep, your self-awareness is a gift


by Edmund V. Strolis

Comments (2)

An insightful piece on the power of positive thinking elegantly brought forth with conviction. Thanks for sharing Edmund.
That's a really heart-warming poem. Joy or happiness is a choice. Unbound and flying...that's what we all desire for. Though social inhibitions and conventions hold us back from being who we are but sometimes it's great to just let oneself go and enjoy oneself whole-heartedly. I love the positive tone of the poem. A lovely graphic to capture the spirit of the poem well.