Poets Needing To Be Heard

Poets needing to be heard
Enduring dishes clanging
Jazz music
People walking by

Poets needing to be heard
Resting their words
They carefully constructed
On a whiskey barrel trash can
While trying to find that one poem
They just need you to hear,
And the noise goes on in the background
“Sylvia, come here, oops! ” says a passer by
Realizing she was interrupting
Poets needing to be heard.

A poet doesn’t really need your ears
The voice inside him or her
Can not be stifled
No amount of noise will drown it out
No lack of audience
That voice
Will live on and on
A poet will keep writing
Because they just can not
Not write
Whether they are heard or not.

by Connie Webb

Comments (2)

Isn't it a miracle that we have this forum? If no one listens, other poets keep a keen ear to your message.You have written a masterpiece! 10.
wherever you go there you are and wherever you are you have an audience of at least one