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! Poets' Sinkhole Of Sewage (Social Commentary)
AVR ( / Chicago, Illinois, USA)

! Poets' Sinkhole Of Sewage (Social Commentary)

Poem By Alice Vedral Rivera

Excrement of
Arrogant, haughty
Minds filled with filthy
Vile insolence

Shameful, provisional
Skulk in camouflaged
Hideous ‘victimology'
Seeking sympathy for
Self-inflicted attacks

Supposed victory
Smug, self-important
License of deceit

Poetic license
Is not indulgence
In denigration

In insensitivity
We lose our liberty
And our own humanity

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Comments (5)

Well penned and poigant
I disagree somewhat. I've written only one poem (I plan to start writing more) and it delves into the severe depression and brain fog I've dealt with most of my life, and my dissatisfaction with most of the drab, lifeless jobs I've had at corporate chains. I was being completely honest, I wasn't looking for sympathy. Nobody on here actually know who I am so what good does sympathy in a comment do for me? I asked for constructive criticism, and I got a bunch of sympathy and people advertising their own poems (my pet peeve) , but I would rather have had criticism on the craft on poem-writing and how well my poem flowed etc. Don't be so quick to judge. The one rule about poetry is that there are no rules.
I just love your words here, I have felt this way but as an amateur poet, I could never saddle such words and ride them so well! Bravo!
Bravo, Alice! This is one of your finest, and most scathing poems ever. You have backbone beyond compare, my friend. Good for you! ! ! ! Wonderful piece.
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