Poets, Stronger Than You Think

They laugh at Poets,
Call them soft,
Say they're frail,
That their tears are,
To no avail.

Poets are much stronger,
Than you think,
They have a special rendezvous,
With Destiny,
With Understanding,
A secret link.

by Sandra Feldman

Comments (3)

Agree with your concept, how people see poets and what poets are really like. They are strong and have that special secret link that others will never understand. Lovely written.
Bravo, Sandra! You have defended poets against one of unfairest of all charges and done so with a combination of direct attack and stealth (I'm using convenient military terms because I'm in the middle of watching Terence Malick's THIN RED LINE on dvd) . By stealth am reacting especially to the second stanza in which you say poets have A SECRET LINK which enables them to understand DESTINY, but you don't reveal what it is. The direct attack in the first stanza exposes the obvious falsity that poets are weak, when in fact your language shows strength throughout.
Magnificent Sandra. Absolute perfection. :)