Pogo's Rekindling Sticks To My Heart.

Pogo stick bound for greater heights...
Forever springing up for fancied flights.
An arc intersects for at the meeting...
A much searching trip for learning the role of cheating.
Boing! , boing! , boing! ...
Spring to thee a heartfelt kindeling.
Add more romanceful sticks to complete the whole heart's fires
Crackel snap and pop...
Am i yet at the place held above the top?
Will i fell to a fast hard landing's flop?
Boom! ...
Clean up time.
There is no failured time or room.
Let's go get the mop up broom.
Go through life and pick up many fallen broken pieces...
To my heart and soul, What may be in life my eventual role?
Let's climb up the ladder's steps and slide down life's slidden down
path to a final succeeding failure.

by Michael Gale

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