Poignant Hope

Now its quiet,
And the songs of my heart,
That liquidly flowed into,
Words of poetry,
Seem to have hushed.

In the silence that
Follows, like a shadow,
I turn to the memory,
Of a long gone day
Warm, as a lovers embrace.

Words flit past
In the twilight, between two worlds.
A seductive mirage,
Fading into the coming dark,
As soon as I try to fully grasp intent.

I lie back on a bed
Of feeling, which like clouds
Come and go;
Homeless, uninvited
Here for a moment, then gone again.

Ahh the warm embrace of sleep
Approaches, as I think of
Love lost, just when it felt so real
Life never turns out,
As we hope it will!

But hope lives,
As a steady flame now.
No exuberant gushes
Of brilliant light, nor does
The flame flicker, weakly.

Steadied by hope
That perhaps, I am closer
To that elusive core balance,
Keeps me going,
Ahh poignant hope!

by Anita Atina

Comments (2)

Some of your best stuff, so eloquently weaved so that hope may blanket us eternally
This is wonderfully thoughtful and feeling. Shadows, twilight between worlds, clouds- a varying mirage (another one) of related images, gentle and -well, pognant, like (as always) the use of sound and shifting rhythms. Thank you again!