(August 4th,1926 / New York City)

Point Of View

Is a glass half empty or half filled?
Think for a moment or two
To know, you needn’t be terribly skilled
For it’s just one’s point of view

A lawyer tells the juror
“My client didn’t do it
He didn’t cause that furor
That’s the only way to view it”

A judge might just decide
From his judicial pointed vision
To let the whole thing slide
Or send ‘em straight to prison

When either innocence or guilt
Is not too very clear
His Honor’s point of view might tilt
Decisions too severe

Innocence or guilt
Should be factually rooted
Prejudicial tilt
Is legally unsuited

Biased people have no clue
With outlook never changing
Their slanted thoughts are all askew
And need much re-arranging

At any time, at any place
They feel only others misconstrue
As adamantly they embrace
Their own biased points of view

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