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Pointless Charade
KB Kira Bloom (01-09-86 / D.C.)

Pointless Charade

This silence is to much to bear.
It is ripping at my ears.
My soul is trying to break free,
but the pieces of my heart
have destroyed my wings.
I feel so lost and I am alone in his arms
All I can find are your eyes
and it all rushes back at one time
It still hurts to know, you let me go.
With that I lost my hope.
How long will I lie to his face, and smile
How long can I go, denying how long I still love you
What am I to do with my heart, it's still running back to you.
In his arms I still lay trying to escape.
How much longer can he make me stay
How much longer can I lie,
and keep up this pointless charade.

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