Pointless Is The Point

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

It can be there.
Sharp enough to cut diamonds.
Sharp enough,
To cut the thickest of glass.
Yet not to last to remain effective.
That will stop more questions,
From being asked.

It can sting like a bee.
And bite like a rattlesnake.
Leaving to witness,
People horrified and chased away.
But pointless is any attempt to make.
When many pretend with nodding heads,
Everything to them said is understood.
Soon to be made to become afraid,
They may lose approval and acceptance.
If it is perceived,
A betrayal of their ignorance...
There is a possibility they would abandoned,
An ignorance they have known to perform,
To be handed down...
And kept,
From one generation to the next.

Protest they will collectively.
Of losing their right to publicly unify.
Upset and loudly express,
Of being left behind...
From any progress made to identify it.

"Excuse me.
I admire this newsworthy movement.
And the potential it has.
But exactly can you tell me,
What is your main objective? "

That depends.-

"I see.
And just what does that mean? "

-Some of us have professional backgrounds.
Representing prestigious schools nationwide.
Proud to have earned doctorate degrees,
In various fields of expertise.
And others who protest with us,
Have acquired high expectations.
It depends on what day it is,
We all can agree upon...
Which direction we should take,
To minimize our disagreements.
And emphasize to prioritize,
What is beneficial to all of our lives.-

"I see.
So clearly anyone should know,
This growing movement of unity...
Speaks for itself? "

And that is the point,
We together make to be understood.
Who knows where we will go,
To have our wishes to demand...
Granted! -

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