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Poisen Of Love
CS (9/13/94 / new mexico)

Poisen Of Love

Poem By coby salazar

you are the voice that sonds so sweet to my ears
you ate the smile that drys up my tears

you are the kiss that rains over my heart
but you are the poisen that tears me apart

and you are the wings to leaf me higher
but you are the poisen to my fire
you are the wings the to leaf me higher
but you may be the wings to fly me into the fire

you are the laughter that echo's in my head
but you are the blood that drips from the dead

you are the sound when there is none
but you are the shadow that covers the sun

you are the sunshine that shines through the rain
but you are every rain that drops....drops of pain

the are the sorrness that wont go away
you are the voice that tells me your here to stay

you are the rain bow that streaches across my cold storm
but now YOUR in the fire
keeping me warm

the broken wings from above
you were the...........
............. poisen of love.......

-Faden back-

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ooo ya i was haha jk um ur really talented um im glad ur makin more :) keep 'em cumin