Poison Water

I feel the burning sensation in my stomach
But oh how i love it
I take a sip of this wonderful drug
And all my problems dissolve with one chug
It takes away all my problems and doubts
I ignore all my friends' pleas and shouts
And slowly, my sanity disappears once again as it starts to kick in
My frown becomes a grin
Once again ive successfully escaped my life
I used to not understand why people did this
Drinking their lives away day by day
I had a heartbreak
Not realizing what was at stake
I grabbed the bottle and drank it down
Digging my hole deeper and deeper into the ground
Getting myself into trouble with boys i didnt even know
Never sex, but still not being able to say no
I had become the kind of girl i hate
How could i think this life was great?
I was a threat to myself
Trapped in my own hell
Whenever things got bad
Whether i was mad, heartbroken, worried or sad
Alchohol was my cure
The feelings of happiness felt so pure
Everyone else around me could see how false it was
Everyday i was consumed by it
I tried to admit
To myself that i had a habit
A 14 year old alcoholic
What were the odds of this
Why was it so hard
It appeared i was scarred
With the burden of a false happiness
Vodka, whiskey, rum, wine...
It didnt matter what kind
Nothing seemed to matter
My life was beginning to shatter
The help from my friends ended it all
I still fight the battle
The one that'll
Free my heart and soul
Fill this empty hole
One day ill be free
And finally be able to be the real me

by lindsay stone

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