Police - $4.82

There was an alarm at 2.23 am that late night
We rushed to find the malefactors taking flight
With torches handy we searched and found
A window broken with glass on the ground

In a side street not far from the factory call
Was a group of four teenagers hiding from all
We found them together as quiet as mice
Trying hard not to spill the story of their vice

They couldn’t explain why they were hanging around
Each had $4.82 from their pockets that we found
The hour was late and one had a bloody hand
We thought altogether their story was canned

At the police station their parents walked in
The boys confessed to the felony of breaking in
The moral of the story for all to take in
There is no upside to the wages of sin!

© Paul Warren Poetry

by Paul Warren

Comments (1)

A great news report in the form of a poem. I hope this is the end to their life of crime. MMMM! $4.82 - a meat pie, a loaf of bread.... Thanks Paul