Police - The Tree House

She lived with her mother and new step-father
At 12 years old she had a younger sister and brother
She was watching 60 minutes one Sunday night
On the show a pregnant younger girl gave her a fright
Because when she was alone with her step-father
To the back yard Tree House he would take her
And in his lust he would force her to do terrible things.

On the next Monday when she came home from primary school
She saw her step-father’s truck there and panicked at his home rule
She threw her bag down and ran to a friendly next door neighbour
In a burst of tears and blurted out, “I won’t go home anymore! ”
The neighbour wondered why and called the police to sort it out
We attended and it became clear the step-father had brought it about
And an investigation started into the step-father fiend.

There was in no admission to his deeds and how his lust for her exceeded
No rational explanation was given and no thought for her was conceded
They charged him that day for offences too cruel for the girl to endure
But in the end of it all there was no conviction called or her safety to ensure
When it finally settled the mother decided to end their destroyed marriage
For her the girl’s safety was important and for the sins of the father to disparage
The only task left to her was pulling the Tree House down.

© Paul Warren Poetry

by Paul Warren

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