Police – The Wandering Gun

Poem By Paul Warren

He had an argument and left the house
Taking his rifle when his temper did not douse
Wandering around and shooting out each street light
People rung us who had were concerned and in fright

So I despatched the town patrols to search for him then
And they went to the area with a real danger again
About a half an hour in, he rung the station phone
From a phone box worrying with his apprehension having grown

You see he wanted to give up and was afraid he would be shot
By the police when they saw him with the gun as they ought
So we kept him talking and finally he was found
And talked down with the gun and taken to the hospital bound

So for every armed offender who ends up going around
There is a chance to bring it down safely for everyone bound
This one had been upset and took a gun out in his hand
It doesn’t have to end in an offender’s life canned.

© Paul Warren Poetry

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