Political: Snow-White The Brave In Africa

Let us never forget Snow-White The Brave
in Africa; a girl of eight; little Rachel de Beer,
and her six-year-old brother trying to find a
lost calf in the snow; on getting lost themselves
she dug out an ant-hill and bundled her small
brother in to keep him from freezing; she
lay down in the opening to protect him – but
she did more: She took off her clothes to keep
him warm; unbearable to think of her suffering -
how did she do it, what inner strength, what
flame of love enabled her to do so much; how
heart-breaking is contemplating such sacrifice;
the next morning they found her body ice-cold;
her brother still alive; he had survived – she had
saved his life! - Oh, let us never forget
Snow-White The Brave - in Africa!

by Margaret Alice

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